Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thing 14

It was easy to sign up for Delicious and add the buttons. My username is jcottey. I really like the convenience of the buttons on my toolbar. It is also easy to add bookmarks to Delicious by pasting the url into the box on the Delicious site.

Against your instructions, I also imported my computer's bookmarks into Delicious. I have over 300! This is going to take me a while to tag them all. They're still organized on my computer, so I'll be able to find things while I'm still working on this project.

As a media specialist who provides resources to teachers, I can add sites to my Delicious account that may be useful to them. Of course, then I would have to get them to go to Delicious. Have to teach them some new tricks... I often email teachers sites that I think they would find useful, but not too much because I don't want to overwhelm them. This would solve that problem. Also, I could keep track of all the sites I have sent them so I can refer to them later.

I work in an elementary school, so the research projects are at a basic level for the young grades. For older grades especially, I could add sites to Delicious that could be useful for their research on various projects. We could choose a specific tag so everyone could easily find the sites related to any given project. It also could be fun to add author websites that students would enjoy. So many possibilities!

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