Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thing 12

Ooh, I had already added some gadgets from the blog's list of gadgets to be added, such as a list of followers and a page header. I just added a poll to my blog. I always love voting on polls when I find them on other sites!

I found one at Widgetbox from Scholastic that delivers news geared toward students. Widgetbox has an option to install directly to blogger, so I did. I discovered that tool after I couldn't get the first embed code to work. The news box is in my righthand column now. I could also change its frame color.

Let's try to embed again:
Well, Java, Flash and MySpace codes don't work (didn't think the last one would). I think I finally found how to embed the code for the widget in a blog post itself, instead of in a separate box. It requires me to enter my email and password. I'm not comfortable doing that at Widgetbox. Let's try someplace else.

I like PBS Teacher Activity Packs' organization by subject. Embedding attempt number five:

Well, that ^^^^^ didn't work. I clicked on Blogger at the PBS site, and they want my Blogger name and password too. Nope.

Google gadgets:
I give up. I need to go to sleep. Again the embed codes aren't working for me. I am in the "Edit HTML" tab at Blogger, so...

I belong to some online communities. I have formed some good friendships from chatting online and exchanging posts over the course of years. We all meet such a small number of people in our face-to-face lives, being online exposes us to many many more people. Belonging to a community centered around a certain interest allows me to interact with people who like what I like and enjoy talking about it.

It's easy to send quick messages to people at Facebook, MySpace, etc. I may not have time to call people on the phone to chat, but I can keep in touch and share daily bits of my life with friends through quick online interactions. Students may enjoy the same.


  1. Huh, it did work once I posted the blog. It didn't work in preview mode...