Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thing 10

I saw the musical Rock of Ages off-Broadway in the fall and loved it! It has moved to Broadway, and here is a sneak peek from their rehearsals:

I chose this video because I love music and musicals. I am going back to New York in May and plan to see the show on Broadway.

KeepVid and PWNYouTube worked very easily to download videos. Thanks for the fair use instructions. I like the idea of using a flash drive to take the video to school--much easier than burning the video onto a CD. Not all of our school computers are new enough to have USB ports, but some of them do. Zamzar looks like another easy option, although more time-consuming, if KeepVid and PWNYouTube do not work. It had numerous annoying pop-up ads though--some were blocked and some made it through.

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