Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thing 1

After reading David Warlick's article and rewatching the "Pay Attention" video, I truly realized how our schools are not teaching in the modern age. Students and staff alike use so much technology in our everyday lives, but this technology is not migrating into our teaching practices at the same speed. While reading Warlick's article, my mind kept wandering, trying to think of ways I could apply technology to my curriculum and teaching. I felt somewhat defeated by the lack of money in our school districts for buying technology and by the blocking of websites, such as YouTube, from our schools. So, I guess I need to learn what I CAN use in my teaching, working around limitations. Maybe there also is a way to change some of the issues that limit our use of technology in teaching. I can't wait to see what 23 Things will teach me!

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  1. I stumbled across your blog when I was reading a bunch to get started...I'm feeling like I hear your voice. I don't want to give out too much personal info but it's Julie (the other librarian in our district who REALLY likes chocolate!). Ok...this probably isn't the most professional comment but I thought I'd say hi :) If you are not the Jane I think you are, I'm sorry! I'll follow your blog and you're welcome to follow mine and hopefully we can discuss what we're learning and how it pertains to being librarians in our district.