Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thing 16

I'd heard about Google Docs before, but forgot about it before I ever got around to using it. I can see myself using this tool a lot, even just between my home computer and my work computer. I often had to email myself documents back and forth from work and home so I could work on them in both locations. This is much nicer!

I noticed that I lost formatting when I imported documents though. Depending on the complexity of the formatting, this could be annoying. I also didn't like that with spreadsheet documents in Google Docs, the option for saving is "Save and close." What if I just want to save it so I don't lose my work, but I'm not ready to close it? Weird. Word processing documents in Google Docs allowed me to just "Save."

One of my documents would not import into Google Docs. The site gave me two options to try. The first was to save my documents as a webpage and then import it. I did, but it didn't work. The second option was to copy my entire document and paste it into a new document in Google Docs. This worked.

I uploaded some documents for myself to work on at home and work. I also uploaded a schedule from a previous year that other teachers and I make together. If I can get them on Google Docs, we will be able to work together on this document much more easily in the future years.

In using Google Docs with students, yes, they would all need email addresses. It could be useful for students working on reports. The teacher can monitor the student's progress on Google Docs and make suggestions for editing. The student can edit, and the teacher can easily see the updates. Students can also make use of Google Docs in the same way I would, by working on their documents at home and at school.

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  1. We've encountered some glitches with Google Docs (they are constantly upgrading it), but for collaboration it is so useful that it's worth dealing with the glitches! Hope you find good ways to use it.